Big Things

January 26, 2010

We spent Saturday night at one of our favorite places with some of our favorite people. We went to the circus!!! I LOVE the circus. I would go if I didn’t have kids and so would John. I had put it on our calendar a month or more before, but was struggling with whether it was safe to take Tanner into that crowd of people. It’s one thing to be at a restaurant with other people in the next booth, it’s another to sit with people who may or may not be healthy on all sides of you.

John’s company, Franklin American Mortgage Company, made the decision easy. They gave us their suite so we could go without worry and invite friends, too. We had an awesome time with two other families. It’s a big thing for Tanner to be able to do something like this… and Jake, too. We realized at the Circus that Jake has experienced a lot less than Tanner at the same age because he’s been sheltered due to our situation. He was super excited!!! We all laughed at him because he just kept jumping up and down and screaming at random moments because he was so happy.

Thursday night will be another big night. Two representatives from Make a Wish are coming to interview Tanner about her wish. She is so excited, but very conflicted. She really thought she wanted to go to Disney World, but now wants to maybe meet the cast of one of her favorite TV shows and ask to be in an episode. Decisions, decisions. I was hoping for Disney, but whatever she wants will be fine. I just want it to be special for her. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with.

And, Thursday morning is clinic day. It has, unbelievably, been a month since we have been to the hospital. Surreal. She will get a dose of Vincristine in her port and see the doctor. She also starts her monthly five-day steroid pulse.

We are hoping her counts have remained between 1,000 and 2,000 so that they don’t raise her chemo levels. No more chemo, please. Also, if her counts have remained steady, maybe they will clear her to go back to school.

John’s Mom, Ann, is coming with us to clinic on Thursday and then taking Tanner to the movies afterwards. They are going to spend the day together. Tanner is super excited.

Tanner continues to feel really good most of the time. She has periodic nausea and body pains and fatigues more easily than normal, but mostly seems like any six-year-old. Still, the chemo is there. She got sick yesterday morning for no apparent reason that I could figure except the chemo. Weird since Tanner only got sick twice during all the chemo she has received. But, a reminder that even in maintenance, the chemo is still there, still poisonous, still eating at her.

Still, I’ll take maintenance over the past six months any day. The freedom that it brings, the ability for Tanner to regain strength and stamina. The possibility of school and friends.

Big Things… Good Things… Hopeful Things.


7 thoughts on “Big Things

  1. Glad to hear that you and E are going to get to spend the day together … and glad to hear that wonderful word hope. Love to you all!

  2. Tanner, I am so excited about all of the fun things coming your way. If your Make a Wish pick is the TV show, I know which one it will be without a doubt. 🙂 See you later.

  3. Hi Beth, Im the little boy Tanner Page’s dad Steve. My wife Chrisanne told me about you guys a while back. I thought I would drop a line and tell you guys congrats on what I would consider doing quite well through the amazing hurdles and neverending emotional rollercoaster that you have had to endure. I read that Tanner gets to have her make a wish trip soon and noticed she might want to go see Disney World. We live about an hour from Disney in New Smyrna Beach and would love the opportunity to meet Tanner. Short and sweet, just enough time to maybe buy you guys lunch and give Tanner a gift. Oh yeah, Chrisanne and I recently found out we are having a baby. We could’nt be more thrilled, her due date is September 6th. Good luck and tell Tanner to stay strong she is a Trooper.

  4. Hooray for the circus! I love it! And way to go, Franklin American, for stepping up again. We’ll be thinking of you over this next steroid-plagued week – maybe the fun of this week will carry you through!

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