Ahhhh… clear x-rays!

December 22, 2009

John took Tanner in for chest x-rays today and they were clean!!! Her neutraphils had dropped from the crazy 19,000 to a more healthy, but robust, 3,100. So, doc says we’re in good shape to travel. They gave us a contact at a hospital near my parents’ house that is capable of handling a kid with leukemia and told us to give her Claritin to clear up her one ear that is threatening infection.

So, if my eyes will just clear up and Jake’s nose, we are good to go! We’ll get there a day later than planned, but there nonetheless. Hopefully, no other crazy things will happen to keep us from going.

I’m just starting to feel a little Christmas cheer. Just let the kids open some gifts from dear friends (a Phillies and an Eagles hat, oh my!), read some Christmas stories together and am going to get Tanner to help me wrap some presents while Jake finishes napping. It would be completely blissful if it wasn’t for the laundry!!!New hats!

My poor husband finally got to go back to work – he definitely bore the brunt of this health mishap. Trying to work from home while taking care of our two monsters is no picnic.

Hoping all of you are indulging in a little Christmas, Hannukah or Kawanza cheer.


6 thoughts on “Ahhhh… clear x-rays!

  1. “God Bless Us Every One.” We were very glad to read this post. Merry Christmas to the bravest humans we know.

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