A Post from Tanner

it’s tanner i cant play with my BFF named corinne because her nana is sick
but she came by my house and gave me her balloon from publix
and we went to the park and i met to kids named ben and
charlotte then we had to leave and when we got home
me and jake went out side
and for lunch taco salad
and maybe pizza

3 thoughts on “A Post from Tanner

  1. Tanner….so glad you had a nice weekend..and got to play outside..I am in Mn…and it was cold all weekend ( well…the folks here don’t think it’s cold but I do!)…I scraped ice off my car this am..brrrrr…Coming home tomorrow…hope I can come to your house to do some science experiments…I love you and can’t wait to be back in Tn where it’s warm and cozy! Your friend…Celia

  2. Hi Tanner,

    I am Lily’s grandma, and I always read your blog. I think you are SO smart and grown up to write posts yourself. That is great! It shows that you are a take-charge kind of girl – and that is good! Just a few more days and you will have made it through the toughest part of treatment, too! I’m glad you had a fun weekend. I hope you and Lily can get together to play soon.

    Lily’s Grandma Carol

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