A Blizzard in Tennessee

December 7, 2010

No point in posting yesterday… just would have been another steroid rant. But today was a totally different matter. It snowed… Nashville-style, which translates into a ½ inch dusting of snow! School was cancelled the night before (yes, before it even started to snow) and we expected to wake to 2-4 inches. Jake woke up first and he and I pulled back his curtain to peer outside hopefully, in search of the much- anticipated snow… NOTHING! Tanner was really indignant.

But, by mid-morning it had started to snow and we started the long process of suiting up for a snow walk. After getting officially bundled up, we met Corinne and the gang over at the school next door. The kids found some ice to slide on and traipsed all over the field, our friends’ golden doodle romping happily in circles around us.

We threw sticks in the river, jumped on icy patches in the field until they cracked, piled up sticks and pretended we were making a fire and were joined by some other neighborhood friends. I expected Tanner to peter out early since she doesn’t always regulate her temperature very well and because she had just finished steroids and had felt terrible and seemed weak the day before. But, as always, she surprised me. We stayed out, in sub-30 temps for more than an hour. Jake actually begged to go home first, but everyone stopped on the way home to pepper the neighbors’ driveway with snow angels. Jake had never made a snow angel before and was delighted.

We came home and had hot chocolate with a LOT of marshmallows. Jake skipped the hot chocolate and just ate a cup of marshmallows. Boy, can we make the most of a ½ inch of snow in Tennessee!

I, believe it or not, appear to have pink eye. I’m so disgusted to be sick in some way again I just can’t tell you. My immune system is pitiful this year. I think it makes a serious case for the effects of stress on your body.

So, we’ve made it through the first rough week of the month. Each first week for the next year and 8 months will be difficult – Vincristine, steroids, methotrexate. But, the next three weeks should be easier, so that’s something to be thankful for.

No school again tomorrow. Ice. Not that we would have gone to school anyway! But, that means friends at home to play with.


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